Marco Tello

Hi there! I’m Marco

A dedicated Software Developer specializing in SOA, Java and Web development for hospitality industry with strong experience in developing Web-based systems with the best practices, solving complex problems and some experience in designing SOA architectures and leading Agile teams to make deadlines.

At the moment I work for Grupo Vidanta, one of the most important hospitality corporations in Mexico and Latin America.

I like to design and develop great solutions, apps and much more, also I enjoy creating prototypes with the newest technologies, just remember “If you can imagine it, you can develop it”


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Rigth now I’m based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

An amazing and mystic city that harbors tradition in its plazas, in its streets, in its people, a city that expresses the color of its culture and natural beauty at every turn.

The city of Puerto Vallarta is an ensemble of possibilities. Surrounded by the impressive mountains of the Sierra Madre, ringed with jungle and the sparkling waters of Banderas Bay, it is always waiting to offer you great adventures and memorable experiences.

It`s really nice to live here.

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