Testopia Installation In CentOS

Testopia is a test case management extension for Bugzilla. It is designed to be a generic tool for tracking test cases, allowing for testing organizations to integrate bug reporting with their test case run results.

In this tutorial we’ll extend Bugzilla with Testopia extension.


1.- Prerequisites.

  • Basic Knowledge of Linux Shell Commands.
  • Bugzilla properly installed in your system. You can follow this tutorial to install Bugzilla here.
  • Download the latest version of Testopia here.


2.- Pre Installation Activities.

Copy testopia-2.5-BUGZILLA-4.2.tar.gz to Bugzilla’s directory:

Untar the testopia-2.5-BUGZILLA-4.2.tar.gz file:

Verify that extensions/Testopia/ directory was created:


3.- First try to Install Testopia.

Run the  ./checksetup.pl command to install Testopia:


4.- Install Perl Dependencies


To Install Test::Diff run the following command:


To Install GD::Graph3d run the following command:


To Install Text::CSV run the following command:


To Install XML::Validator::Schema run the following command:


5.- Second Try to Install Testopia.

At this time we have all the Perl missing libraries that we need to install Testopia, so run the ./checksetup.pl again:

Voilà! Your Testopia installation is complete, as simple as that.


6.- Restart Apache

Restart Apache to reflect the changes.


7.- Test Testopia Installation

Go to http://localhost/bugzilla/ in your browser to the Bugzilla’s home page.


At first you may not see any changes but once you are logged in, you’ll see a new toolbar with the Testopia functionality.





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